Selected Stock for 2007
Gifts, Games, & Stuff
  • Beautiful Segmented Wood Bowls Handcrafted by Dave Vogeler
  • Bookends & Pen Sets from Finch Building Marble
  • Famous Washington Lighthouse (cardboard) Kits
  • Polished Rocks from the Pacific Northwest
  • Sail Boat Mobile Kits
  • Dinosaur Models
More Stuff...
  • Kurt Cobain Gifts  "Action Figures"
  • Historic Picture Postcards by Jones Photo Co.
  • Hand-Drawn Postcards from Local Artists
  • Puzzles
  • Handpainted Commemorative Aberdeen Ornaments
Local History by Local Authors
  • Serv-Us Stations - A pictorial History by William D. Jones
  • Education of a Bear Hunter by Ralph Flowers
  • Bears and Flowers by Ralph Flowers
  • Stuff I Remember by Ralph Flowers
Grays Harbor History
  • Lady on the Beach by Nora Berg
  • Love and Death,The murder of Kurt Cobian by Max Wallace and Ian Halperin
  • Shipbuilders, Sea Captains and Fishermen by Joe Follansbee
  • Reach for the Sky by Margaret Elley Felt
Washington State History
  • Washington's Historical Courthouses,A Pictorial History by Ray Graves
  • The Great Forks Fire by Mavis Amundson
  • Bearkiller by Warner M. Karshner
Local Authors - Fiction
  • Book of Wisdom by The Students of Aberdeen High School
  • Celestial Dancer by Anthony Shafer
  • Black River Pirates by Don Clark
  • From Boats to Boardfeet: Story of the Wilson Lumber Family by Emily M. Wilson
Rare & Out-of-Print Books
  • A Little Book of Verse by Jean Brodie Stewart
  • Reflections by Emily Malinowski Moe
  • Images by Emily Malinowski Moe
Women in History
  • Summertime in Georgetown - A collection of Short Stories by women & girls of the Shoalwater Tribal Community
  • Extraordinary Women of the American West by Judy Alter
  • Julia's Story: From Squatter Child to Cinderella by Julia Loomis Farrow
Craft Books...
  • Beginner's Guide to Calligraphy by Janey Mehigan & Mary Noble
  • Quilt Style by Lucy A Fazely
  • A Perfect Union of Patchwork & Applique by Darlene C. Christopherson
  • The Best Christmas Crafts Ever! by Kathy Ross
Oral Histories
  • Bill Jones - Third Generation Professional Photographer - Local Historian
  • Bronco Tesia - Second Generation Liberty Tavern Owner - Local Historian
  • John Bebich - Aberdeen Fireman, Policeman & Grays Harbor Coroner
  • Hans Bielski - Fern Hill Cemetery Proprietor, G.H. Port Commissioner
  • Dwight Caron - Grays Harbor & Thurston County Deputy Sheriff